An Innovative New Solution for Knee Implant Surgery.

Patients with persistent knee pain following arthroscopic surgery often turn to partial or total knee replacement. Increasingly, patients are seeking treatment options that delay, or prevent the need for arthroplasty. The NUsurface® Knee Implant is a medial meniscus replacement device designed to fill the treatment gap between minimally invasive meniscus repair and partial or total knee replacement.

Do you suffer from knee pain from a torn or damaged meniscus?

Have you tried knee surgery to repair or remove parts of your meniscus already?

Whether you have already tried surgery or not, medial meniscus replacement with the NUsurface® Interpostitonal spacer may be a treatment option for you. A diagnosis can be confirmed by a doctor with a physical exam, X-Ray, and/or MRI scans.

Meet NUsurface®

A new knee implant closes the gap in treatment options for severe medial meniscus damage.

  • No burned bridges, no bone preparation, no fixation—preserves all future treatment options
  • Minimally invasive implantation
  • Also for elderly patients
  • Fast rehabilitation post-op (2-6 weeks)

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