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Clinical Trial

Population Sampling

  • 242 patients experiencing persistent knee pain after a previous meniscectomy

  • 176 patients were treated with the NUsurface

  • 66 Control patients (treated with non-surgical therapies)

Doctor checking patient knee

Clinical Results

Completion of 24 months Follow-up

89% of NUsurface patients completed the two-year study whereas only 65% of the control (non-surgery) group remained satisfied with the care they received which lasted through the end of the study.

NUsurface® Group


Control Group


Improvement in Pain & QOL

Two years after implantation, 84% of NUsurface patients available for follow-up reported a noticeable clinical benefit and 69% met the threshold for a significant clinical improvement in both pain, and quality of life.

70 percent of enrolled patients used one NUsurface implant and 20 percent received a replacement.

Patients who received a NUsurface Implant had a slower progression of osteoarthritic changes.

Equal pain and functional improvement was reported in all age ranges including patients in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

The NUsurface Implant was also found to work just as well in patients that were of normal weight, overweight, or obese.

Possible Risks & Complications

All surgeries carry some form of risk and complications. Please talk to your doctor before any procedure.

It is possible for the NUsurface to become dislocated. When this has happened, it has usually been associated with another traumatic or unusual force on the knee, though not in all cases. Often this results in damage to the prosthesis, however, in no cases did this result in damage to the knee.

It is possible for the NUsurface to become damaged as a result of exposed bone coming in direct contact with the rim of the prosthesis, leading to abrasion. In some cases, patients experience temporary a reaction (synovitis) due to material debris from the site of the abrasion, though in all cases this has resolved.

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