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1. NUsurface®:

What is the NUsurface®?

The NUsurface® is a meniscus replacement prosthesis for treating knee pain in patients who have a damaged or dysfunctional meniscus from injury or after previous surgeries have failed. The NUsurface is designed to replace the damaged or deteriorating medial (inner) meniscus in your knee while leaving the rest of your knee joint intact.

What is the NUsurface® made of ?

The NUsurface® is made of Polycarbonate-Urethane – a medical grade plastic with a reinforcing loop of High-Density Polyethylene. To ensure a proper fit, it is available in multiple sizes for both left and right knees.

How does the NUsurface® work?

The NUsurface mimics the function of the natural meniscus by acting as a shock absorber to help distribute weight transmitted across the knee joint, reducing pain, and improving physical function. By limiting stress and protecting femoral articular cartilage from further damage, the NUsurface® may be chondroprotective. The prosthesis’ ability to distribute forces derives from its materials which have been shown to have tissue friendly qualities.

Has the NUsurface® been studied?

The NUsurface® has been studied for over 14 years, beginning with an 18-patient pilot study conducted in Europe, from 2008-2010 to evaluate the technique and to validate pain relief. This was followed by a 128-patient prospective, single-arm, multi-center study conducted in Europe & Israel from 2011-2013 to refine the technique, indications, and confirm sizing. In the United States, two clinical trials have been enrolled: the VENUS trial and the SUN trial. In 2019 these two studies were combined into the MERCURY Trial, the longest and most extensive clinical research study of a meniscus prosthesis in the world, enrolling 242 patients experiencing persistent knee pain after a previous meniscectomy: 176 were treated with the NUsurface and 66 Control patients (treated with non-surgical therapies). To learn more, click here.

Where can I find the NUsurface®?

The world’s first “artificial meniscus” is now available in Belgium, Germany, Israel, Italy, Switzerland and the UK. Go Check the Physician Locator to find a NUsurface® user near you.

2. General Questions:

What is the surgery like?

During the surgery, the damaged meniscus is removed, the knee joint is prepared and the NUsurface is placed between the two bones in the knee—the femur and tibia—where the damaged meniscus was removed. The procedure usually requires minimal bone or soft tissue removal.

How long does the surgery take?

Results from clinical trials have shown that the surgery to implant the NUsurface is safe and takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Patients are able to bear weight as tolerated on the same day.

What happens after the surgery, will I be able to walk the same day?

Often weight bearing is permitted in the recovery room on the same day of surgery with assistance from crutches. Most patients can ambulate wearing a leg brace in the first week and may put weight on it as tolerated on their first post-op day.

How long is the recovery period?

Postoperative rehabilitation is usually completed within a specially designed six- to-eight-week program, with some patients able to return to work within the first few weeks. Patients resume normal activities over time, as tolerated. Patients are advised not to return to high impact activities.

How long until I can drive and get back to normal?

Your physician will inform you of when you are able to drive.


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