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The NUsurface® is the first “artificial meniscus” designed to replace one that is damaged or deteriorating.

If you suffer from persistent ‘toothache’’-type knee pain that is more dull and nagging, and have already tried surgery, you may be a candidate for the world’s first Artificial Meniscus, the NUsurface®.

The NUsurface® is a meniscus replacement prosthesis for treating knee pain in patients who have a damaged or dysfunctional meniscus from injury or after previous surgeries have failed. The NUsurface is designed to replace the damaged or deteriorating medial (inner) meniscus in your knee while leaving the rest of your knee joint intact.

The NUsurface is made of Polycarbonate-Urethane – a medical grade plastic with a reinforcing loop of High-Density Polyethylene. To ensure a proper fit, it is available in multiple sizes for both left and right knees.

The NUsurface mimics the function of the natural meniscus by acting as a shock absorber to help distribute weight transmitted across the knee joint, reducing pain, and improving physical function. By limiting stress and protecting femoral articular cartilage from further damage, the NUsurface may be chondroprotective. The prosthesis’ ability to distribute forces derives from its materials which have been shown to have tissue friendly qualities.

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