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NUsurface® Registry

What is the NUsurface® Registry?

The registry study is a web-based database that collects valid clinical and patient outcome data for anyone who is treated with NUsurface®.

The information is analyzed to increase and monitor the success of your surgery. The data in the registry also helps your surgeon understand more about meniscus procedures and how to better improve your care and the care of future patients. The data will also be used to influence decision making, to improve patient safety and ensure your surgeons and hospitals have feedback about their performance so they can continuously improve.

What information is collected?

Both you and your surgeon will enter data into the same database. Data will be collected about the condition of your knee before the surgery, during the surgery and for up to 10 years after the surgery. Some of the questionnaires are completed by the surgeon during your office visits. And some of the questionnaires are completed by you so that we can learn about your pain, your ability to work & play, and how you are getting back to life. Your surgeon will have access to your complete study experience, while you will be limited in access to the questionnaires that you complete.

What is Consent?

Participation in the registry study is very beneficial, but it is not required for receiving the NUsurface® Meniscus Implant. If you choose “consent”, then you are allowing your data to be included the registry study. Your email address will be used by your surgeon and the database to automatically send you questionnaires when the time is right for doctor visits.

Is my information safe?

The database complies with very strict rules and procedures to ensure that your information is kept safe. Your personal data are kept confidential at all times and are limited to your surgeon. Protected data cannot be accessed by Active Implants under any circumstances. Research data will be available to some Active Implant personnel along with your surgeon.

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