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NUsurface Implants

NUsurface Surgical Procedure

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3 Lifestyle Choices for Healthier Knees

Knee wrapped up

6 Reasons to See a Doctor for Knee Pain

NUSurface product

NUsurface Animation

5 Reasons You May Not Have to Live with Knee Pain

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4 Reasons Not to Wait to See a Doctor for Knee Pain

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6 Do’s and Don’ts After Knee Surgery

Knee imaging

Have a Meniscus Tear? 5 Considerations Before Scheduling a Meniscectomy

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Why Does My Knee Hurt? 5 Common Sources of Knee Pain

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8 Ways to Prevent Knee Problems Before They Begin

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5 Facts About Knee Pain

NUsurface Implant

How is surgery for NUsurface performed?

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5 Meniscus Tear Treatments to Consider Before Total Knee Replacement

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3 Things You Should Know Before Having Knee Replacement Surgery

Richard Edelson

How has the NUsurface impacted patients ability to work?

Dr. Kurzweil

Are patients able to return to activities they enjoy?

Randall Holcomb MD

Who is a candidate for NUsurface?

Doctor presenting NUsurface Implant

What is NUsurface?

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What is osteoarthritis?

Doctor looking at patient knee

What are treatments for knee pain post-meniscectomy?

Knee Femur Scan

What are the parts of the knee and what do they do?

Wayne Gersoff

What are the NUsurface clinical trial results?

Dr. Joseph Berman MD

What are current treatments for meniscus tears?

How soon can people return to active lifestyle after NUsurface surgery?

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How soon after surgery can people return to work?

Noah Weiss MD

How common are meniscus injuries?

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Can the Meniscus Heal on its Own?

Does the NUsurface have any potential advantage over current treatments?